Reception that fulfils its purpose. How to achieve it?


No doubt reception belongs to office premises in all larger companies and corporations. However, designing and arranging a reception that will evoke an excellent first impression and fully serve its purpose is not so easy. Do you want to know what you should focus on if you want to use the full potential of a reception?



Tips for arranging a reception that will impress



If you think about building a reception or if you are searching for a way to renovate an old one, you surely know this task should not be underestimated. Receptions is a place where your business partner or an important client comes first. And this is the place where they can create an image of your company in the very first moments. If you want them to have the best image from the first second, when arranging the reception, focus on several important points.


Note: Implementation of our reception design for Snef s.r.o. in Trnava



1. Design and general appearance

If your office premises are arranged in a certain design, you should also use it when designing and arranging the reception. Whether it has a modern touch, decent or timeless colourful combinations or untraditional interior features, arranging the welcome room in the same style as used in other office premises is the core.


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2. Use interesting and attractive features

Unique design features can also help attract attention on the first sight. An example is interesting colourful combinations, untraditional materials or the logo of your company. Today, logo can also be integrated in the reception desk with various effects. 3D or backlit logo with a LED strip will elevate the corporate identity of your company a bit higher.


Note: Implementation of our reception design for Vuje a.s. in Trnava



3. Reception is also a waiting room

What should not be forgotten when arranging a reception is that this place also serves as a waiting room. That is the reason why comfortable seats for visitors should be considered already at the design and planning stage. The seats for the reception, chairs, cells or boxes for more people should be chosen according the number of visitors who may visit the reception at once. Coffee tables are suitable for unplanned quick negotiations. They can perfectly serve to waiting visitors for arranging urgent e-mails and effective use of time before their appointment.



4. Reception desk and also an office desk

Although it may seem that, from the view of office furniture, reception does not require any special attention, the opposite is true. Reception is an office with at least one employee – a receptionist. So, don't underestimate the choice of a reception desk. An ideal choice is an interesting dominant custom-made desk which also serves as a workplace.



Are you wondering how to furnish your reception? Let us do it for you. We will be happy to design and produce your reception that will fully meet your expectations.