Open shared office These are the benefits of an OPEN SPACE OFFICE


Open space office is a solution that changes the view of regular office premises. If you are wondering how to brighten up office premises or if you are furnishing new premises, this article is designated just for you. Are employees in your company divided into small offices across the whole corridor? Or even on several floors? Take a look at what modern office arrangement can change. All you need is to decide for an open space concept. Open space office is a great choice because...




It saves the costs of operation

Every owner of a company knows the price of renting or energies in office premises is not negligible. Open office is a modern concept that saves your budget. Apart from a better rental fee for a square mater, you will also save money for heating and energies necessary for the operation of several offices.




Makes cooperation between departments and employees easier

Leaving to the payroll department and forgetting about time for about an hour is often normal. The arrangement of workplaces within an open space office opens not only generous space of all offices but also doors. Or, better said, it removes doors. The communication between departments in an open office is more effective than ever. Thanks to clever solutions, you will get an ideal workplace where teams cooperate and those who need can work undisturbed. All you need is to use tips for reducing noise in an open space office.



Note: Implementation of our opens space office design for Snef s.r.o. in Trnava.



It supports creativity and brainstorming

Open space offices are popular particularly in companies where the members of individual teams often exchange information. Creative process and creative work are no exemption. There is no better environment for brainstorming or spontaneous discussion than an open office. The best solutions and new ideas are formed directly at the office desk.




It positively affects company culture and atmosphere

In larger companies, pressure comes with the hierarchy of positions. Do you know the lunch rumours like who knows what he/she is doing all day...? The arrangement of workplaces within a single open space is a way to get rid of envy or the feeling of inferiority in every team. Employees in open space offices have a bigger feeling of collegiality. And, paradoxically, also a smaller feeling of control. Even though their superiors share the open working space with them. They have a feeling they all are in the same boat.



Note: Implementation of our opens space office design for Fingo a.s. in Trnava.



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