5 tips for effective and trendy arrangement of office furniture


Modern office is not a matter of fashion or unnecessary idea of designer companies. Its purpose is to improve work efficiency and bring to office stereotype a reason to come to work with pleasure. How to achieve a modern office? If you are wondering how to furnish a new office or if you feel that your old one would need a change, get inspired by the following article. Here are 5 tips how to create office premises and workplaces where employees will come with a smile on their face.



When standing alters sitting

You surely know it well - sedentary jobs are linked to many health complications. And you only need to do one thing - to change from the sedentary office work to standing.   Thanks to office desks with adjustable height, you only need to push one button to set the height of the desk according to your need and continue in your work standing. Even if it does not seem so at first, you will help not only your spine but also your legs. Legs will appreciate the straight position and reward you with improved blood circulation. Your work will accelerate immediately and, in case of need, you can sit down comfortably to the desk at a lower height which you can match to your proportions. Thanks to desks with adjustable height, you can try altering sitting and standing at your work in an office, which physiotherapists refer to as an ideal solution in modern offices.




Meeting room

Weekly or even daily meetings are part of almost every job. They can be held within individual departments or between superiors and their subordinates. Meeting room should naturally not miss in any workplace as it provides a higher efficiency of work, task assignment or creative brainstorming. No matter if you choose a custom-made desk for the meeting room or compose one using variable office desks; you surely pay attention to it. A suitable desk is the most important piece of furniture of this type in an office. We also have a proven tip for you, which will help make your meetings technically simpler. Electrical socket plates will allow you and your colleagues to connect required devices to a power source directly in your desk.



Note: Implementation of our meeting room design for Johns Manville s.r.o. in Trnava


Open office

Open space office has been a hit also in Slovakia. Sharing working space with more colleagues surely has its benefits but it is not a suitable solution for every workplace. Especially in industries where, due to their working specialisation, employees interrupt each other rather than motivate to better results. Arranging modern office furniture in a single large room where a graphic designer's desk is located just next to that of a programmer is an ideal solution in companies where people need to closely cooperate or work on one complex project. What is necessary for successful functioning is another space where everyone can do just the opposite - to focus on solving a problem or on a creative activity that requires a quiet environment. If you don't have available such room, we have another useful tip for you - acoustic screen. This way, you can efficiently and simply lessen surrounding office noise and, at the same time, get an elegant and modern office.




Kitchen and break room

Morning coffee at which colleagues can have a little chat or "turn off" for a while and change the motives after a day-long office work are part of every workplace. Many surveys say - a happy employee is a productive employee, no matter how modern the office is. That's why companies with more offices or the mentioned open offices establish practical office kitchens and break rooms. In these rooms, employees can serve themselves and enjoy their own home-made lunch or drink afternoon espresso in the company of their colleagues in a place designated just for it.



Note: Implementation of our kitchen design in Schindler s.r.o. in Dunajská Streda


Green office

Of course, we don't mean you should change the colour of walls or furniture in your office. Green offices are called green according to the features that should not miss there. Have you guessed they are plants - greenery? This way, traditional office furniture is supplemented with unique pieces thanks to which the space comes to life. Well-selected plants make a pleasurable impression and bring a bit of nature to rooms where you wouldn't expect it. Interior greenery features can easily expand to all of the above office arrangement types and all pieces of furniture. In order for your new modern office to really meat all your demands and needs, a studio dealing with 3D and interior design will reliably assist you.




Do you think about furnishing your office premises? Let us do it for you. We will be happy to design and produce furniture for your office, open office, meeting room, reception or kitchen that will fully meet all your ideas and expectations. And maybe also something more