5 rules of space ergonomics your office needs


Do you work in an office? Then you surely know the feeling when you open the door on Monday morning and the known space just pulls you in. Surrounded by four walls and filled out with working tasks. To some people, this feeling may be depressing and even demotivating. That is not the case if your office has been designed and furnished in a way that meets the basic rules of space ergonomics. Do you want to know how ordering of office space and suitable furniture can totally change the working space? Transform these 5 rules of space ergonomics into reality and discover the feeling of smooth work.



RULE 1 – Use every millimetre correctly

Every piece of furniture or object in the office has its very own place. Before you find the ideal one, think about what the best place for the office desk would be. Apart from daylight and orientation in relation to the door, the proximity to other objects in the office must also be considered. That is the key factor if you want to work effectively. When working, no cabinets and shelves which you don't use on a daily basis should obstruct you and, on the other hand, you should have at your reach all things you use most often. Suitable transition zones should not be forgotten either. Wide space that optically splits zones in the office will make its area airy from the floor up to the ceiling.


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RULE 2 – Shed light on it

You surely know daylight is very important at work. If there's not enough light or if you are unable to use its potential, focus on appropriate choice and location of artificial illumination. That is what affects the tiredness of employees in the office as well as their mood and effectivity. Choose the right combination of the main and supplementary illumination (lamp on the desk) and the colour of light that reminds of natural light. Suitable colour is classical white to neutral with sufficient intensity.




RULE 3 – Create the right mood

Many theories have already been made on the fact that colours affect our subconscious. Thanks to them we know that the choice of colours in the office can also change the working space to a magic place. Random combinations and irritating shades have not only inappropriate optical effect. In a space without the right colour tones you will not reach the right work performance, either. When choosing the colours of the office furniture and equipment, rely on the advice of an interior designer or a study already at the design stage. They will offer you decors and combinations of colours that correspond to your eventual corporate identity but especially to your clear goal. To create a pleasurable environment for everyday work, concentration and even creative brainstorming.




RULE 4 – Size matters

When choosing office furniture, the purpose for which you will use it is not the only important thing. The dimensions are what really matters. They should correspond to the area of the office and the specific type of the space. Suitable dimensions of the office desk should also depend on the person who works behind it every day. An appropriate high of the desk in combination with the right office chair will guarantee you healthy seating. An optimum depth and necessary length of the desk will create an area with sufficient space that will not overload your spine.



RULE 5 – And now take a seat. Healthily

Office furniture also consists of many accessories without which we cannot even imagine our daily work. A PC holder or a thorough electric panel will turn your office desk to an effective working tool thanks to which noting will obstruct you at work. Elegant and unnoticed electrical installations will hide all unsightly cables in the office. And finally, don't forget an important detail. Healthy seating thanks to a suitable office chair. Choose a chair according to how much time you spend sitting on it, according to your weight and eventual health complications.



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Do you think about redesigning your office or are you furnishing a new one? If you want to work effectively and in a nice environment that also supports your health, contact us. We will be happy to help you with the design as well as with the production and implementation of a complete office.




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