5 rules for the choice of furnishing for a meeting room


Meeting room is a room whose furnishing is often underestimated. In the better case, the choice of furniture and accessories for a meeting room is all about a dominating custom-made desk and quality chair. But if you want your meeting room to fully use its potential, we recommend you to follow these five rules. You will get a room for valuable meetings, creative brainstorming and also an awesome space for representative and important meetings with business partners.



How to furnish a meeting room

At the beginning, you need to consider the main purpose of using your meeting room. That will help you to decide on the specific pieces of furniture and overall design of the room. When designing a meeting room, you need to follow 5 simple rules.



1. The room dimensions and disposition

The area of the meeting room and the floor plan are the specifying parameters for the choice of furniture and accessories. The size and the shape of the office desk should be adjusted to the space you have available. Don't forget the desk is not the only piece of furniture you may need in a meeting room. Apart from office chairs, you will probably also appreciate display cases, cabinets for binders or smart tables for a refreshment during a coffee break.



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2. Design and general appearance

The furnishing of the meeting room should match the spirit of the furnishing of other office premises. The colours and materials you have chosen for the furniture can also be used in this room. The design is what will help create the right atmosphere of your meeting with your clients or your company meetings.



OUR TIP: If you also need to furnish other office premises, such as the kitchen, they can be arranged in a similar design like the meeting room. Read 3 reasons why office kitchen is a must


3. Quality material and furniture

By choosing quality furniture for the meeting room, you will also improve the quality of your meetings and negotiations. Resistant and adjustable chairs can be adjusted to different people coming to the meeting room. Concentration, creativity and healthy seating will be improved. Custom-made desk for the meeting room, thorough storage space and smart technologic stuff will create the best base for a smooth progress of every meeting.



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4. Variability

It may not seem so, but if a meeting room is used for more purposes (trainings, meetings, brainstorming), variability is a substantial factor. For example, if it is necessary for the people in a meeting to turn around or move during a presentation, choose roller chairs. If the meeting room is also used for meetings of individual teams, try to find alternative seating possibilities. Creative debates will be more relaxed and people in the room will get many outstanding ideas.




4. Ergonomics

The rules of ergonomics do not only apply to correct ergonomic sitting or suitable height of desk. It is important to order individual pieces of furniture in the meeting room properly. Consider light sources or sufficient width of transition zones and create a room where there is just what you need - nothing more and nothing less. The energy you create thanks to space ergonomics will significantly reduce tiredness and improve the effectivity of all meeting participants. Furniture in the meeting room and the impression evoked by the meeting room can considerably influence your meeting or negotiation. This positive influence should already be considered at the point of designing and planning your meeting room.


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If you still hesitate to furnish your corporate meeting room or if you are searching for a full solution with complex services, we will be happy to assist you.