3 reasons why office kitchen is a must


Ordering working and office premises in a modern and functional way is a goal every progressive employer wants to reach. In addition to great design, easy steps can help them to make their employees more satisfied and achieve better work results. Specific tips for trends in ordering office premises are provided in this article. Now we have decided to focus on office kitchen. It's true that the kitchen is the heart of every house. And it also applies to the kitchen in a workplace. Read more about why it should not miss in your company.


OUR TIP: Choose furniture that will make the kitchen able to tackle even higher demands during the lunch break. If you have available a larger area, divide it into more zones - for eating, for drinking coffee or for simple food treatment.



Office kitchen as a place for reset

Many studies have shown that we can work, in the office, faster and more efficiently if we have breaks more often. Apart from the traditional lunch break, we should optimally enjoy a short reset from the work every hour. Five minutes in the office kitchen are enough to reach a higher work pace again. Why?


OUR TIP: A coffee machine, kettle, water dispenser and other basic features of every workplace can also be placed in the area of the office kitchen.



A rest zone for the body and mind

Looking at the computer screen for several hours is quite exhausting. Short and frequent breaks can give our brain motives to relax and boost energy. An office kitchen is the ideal place for it. Apart from coffee, tea or mineral water, employees can also get energy from fruit juices, for example. Moreover, they can change their sedentary position and move their body a bit. So, you can saturate not only your empty stomach in the kitchen in work but also your mind and body.



Note: Implementation of our kitchen design in Schindler s.r.o. in Dunajská Streda


Informal meetings and socialisation at work

Rest zones are an important feature of office premises. They are an ideal area for informal talks. These are not appropriate in open space offices for example, where they interrupt other colleagues and their work. Anyway, do you know a better place for a break with a coffee in your hand than the kitchen? Moreover, an office kitchen can create a pleasurable atmosphere before a business meeting or negotiation. Inviting your business partners for a small snack or coffee to the canteen or kitchen is an excellent ice-breaker.



Note: Implementation of our kitchen design in TZMO s.r.o. in Senec



Healthy eating in work is the trend of the future

Healthy food has been a hit over the last few years. However, health food does not only mean the food you eat. The regularity, freshness and culture of eating also matters. Spending your lunch break behind the office desk is just the opposite. In the kitchen at work, employees can store the food they have prepared at home, heat it or make a short final treatment of the food. Lunch served on a classical plate surely tastes better than from a plastic bowl or box, don't you think so?


OUR TIP: Thanks to innovative solutions and the rules of ergonomics, you can also change a small area to an office kitchen your employees will surely appreciate.


Are you wondering what office kitchen would fit in your company? Don't worry about it, our team in Rstudio will be happy to assist you with the design of your kitchen and furnishing thanks to own furniture production. We will deliver you a ready place suitable for rest and healthy eating of your employees in work.