How to tackle noise in an OPEN OFFICE


A modern office. That is a place where people feel good and work efficiently. One of the examples is the increasingly popular open office. Why it is so, you can read in an article on our blog. An important parameter which must be considered in this type of office arrangement is noise. Read our tips and advice that will solve problems with acoustics in an open space office.



Privacy and peace in an open space

Apart from benefits, the open office concept is also linked to higher office noise. Even though employees can effectively communicate and work in an open space, it is the noise and surrounding sounds many colleagues perceive negatively. That can result in lower efficiency, irritability and unhealthy working environment. In order for employees in an open space office to have really motivating conditions for work, noise in the office must be reduced. Eventually, spots can be created where they can perform their tasks according to need in privacy and peace. According to a survey, almost a half of employees state that their ability to focus is rather weak. How is it then possible to achieve good acoustics in an open office?




Don't underestimate basic structural elements

Have you just a 3D design of an open office made by a professional? If you addressed the right one, they surely took into account the acoustic properties of an open office. There are many attractive structural elements available that ensure correct sound flows straight from the ground. And that means literally. Choose suitable structural materials (carpet, vinyl flooring, special mats etc.) for the bottom part of the room and acoustic panels in the upper one. This way, you will eliminate unfavourable noise in the open space already in the phase of its building.



Note: Implementation of our open office design in Schindler s.r.o. in Dunajská Streda



Acoustic furniture

Another point where office acoustic can be influenced is the furnishing. Apart from suitable coating materials for furniture (sofas, armchairs etc.), other thorough units are available where employees can find privacy and peace.  When arraigning an open space office, you should not forget about sofas, modern and functional separated blocks or futuristic cabins.




Acoustic screens

Acoustic screens are a great assistant when tackling problems with office noise. You can get them to an already existing office and improve acoustic conditions for the work of all employees. Furthermore, they are variable and easy to move. They can also help you in situations when you suddenly need to change the office arrangement.




It is not that easy to create really good acoustics in an office. The reason why many companies consider this parameter is the noise in an open space office. If you too want to work in a pleasurable environment where you won't be interrupted by the noise of a copy machine or discussion of colleagues, don't underestimate acoustics. Don't you know how to do that?




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