Combined kitchen and living room? Read how to achieve it


Combined kitchen and living room belong to the trend which has been in for a longer time already. Still hesitating how to arrange interior in this part of your new home? Whether you're after modern trends or traditional style, we have a few pieces of advice that will direct you towards the right way to arrange the kitchen with the living room.



Basic rules for arranging combined kitchen and living room

No matter if you are reconstructing or arranging space in a newly built house. As we have already mentioned, everyone of us prefers their own style in interior design. Industrial rigidness, shaby shic romantic features and even practical and timeless functionality are subject to several common rules. These rules and suitable furnishing for your house or flat can create in combined kitchen and living room the right feeling of home. What are the rules?


Custom-made furniture that just fits to its place

If you aren't solving temporary lease of living just for a couple of years, quality custom-made furniture is worth investing. A realistic 3D design can help you build combined kitchen and living room that will fulfil the purpose you are expecting from it. Based on the information you provide to a designer, they can design furniture for your living room with sufficient storage space or space for common dinners for a big family or a smart dining area for couples in love. Thanks to quality material and production of custom-made furniture, the preparation of food in the kitchen will be easy and nothing will interrupt you resting and watching evening television series.




Zones in space and the right ergonomics

Apart from furniture, the fact how individual pieces are arranged within space is also a key aspect. In large open rooms as combined kitchen and living room is, you don't have to stay on the ground. Be confident to choose a robust dining table or a kitchen island you have been dreaming of for so long. This all can be done so long as the layout of the room allows it. Division into zones (rest zone, active zone, dining zone, zone for food preparation etc.) has its reason not only within design but mainly for the purpose. You will quickly realise how the right space ergonomics can make you feel comfortably in your new home where everything is at your hand.


OUR TIP: We recommend that you divide dominant interior features with smaller pieces to retain a nice integrity and atmosphere of all living room and kitchen. Stylish high chairs, shelves or accessories will also help, refreshing the whole space.

Colours and illumination

Choosing the tones of your design is no easy decision. Particularly if you are not sure what style you like. That is why we recommend choosing neutral earthy colours which you can easily combine. This way you can change not only colourful combinations and interior accessories but also seasonal decorations (spring, Christmas etc.) as you wish, even every year. Finally, don't forget about suitable illumination thanks to which your kitchen combined with living room will be arranged in a pleasant atmosphere. Daily part with enough light and the possibility to dim lights in the rest part should not miss in such a space.



Would you like to arrange combined kitchen and living room but miss an inspiration? Contact us and our interior designers will be happy to assist you.